First Baptist Church of Safety Harbor exists to make, mature and mobilize disciples of Jesus Christ.

Using a baseball metaphor, we want to bring disciples home for Jesus Christ.

They can't reach home until they reach first base. They reach first base by getting saved.  We help them reach first base by sharing the Good News (gospel) of Jesus Christ's death, burial & resurrection as the only means of salvation.  In summary, a person reaches first base by trusting in Jesus Christ exclusively for forgiveness of sin resulting in an eternal relationship with him.

We move them to second by teaching them the Bible & demonstrating what walking with Jesus looks like in our lives.  The evidences of a maturing second base disciple include consistency in Bible Study, consistency in attendance and participation at worship, a maturing prayer life & a daily personal devotion time.

A disciple who begins to witness to others, teach a class, serve in leadership and/or participate in mission efforts has reached third base.

A disciple reaches home by helping teach others to bring people home for Jesus Christ.